Wisdom vs. Knowledge

I love this quote by Mother Teresa. It tells me if I have nothing more than a kind word or a smile, it is still something.

In a world where society can be as brutal as the jungle, we can still find some inner peace.

I believe there is a great chasm between wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is of the utmost importance in functionality of society. But I think we need to add a bit more wisdom to our recipe of life.

I want the wisdom to be able to calmly walk away from an argument; to be loved and respected is far better than being right, or proving someone wrong.

I want the wisdom to love and respect myself, even when critics want to tear you down.

We all have had those moments! I came away one time from dealing with elementary school bullies by deciding that I really liked myself! I liked where I wanted to go in life.

I am definitely not perfect, but I am happy, I am happy because I chose to be and work on it daily!

Always remember we are all a work in progress!❤️



How to be a good friend…especially to yourself

There is one thing in life that I know for sure; and that is, I don’t want to go through it alone!

If you are blessed with the happiness of a bestie, you are so very lucky! Life is made so much more sweeter when you can share your life’s experiences with another.

Unfortunately, some of us have had a falling out with the ones we hold dear to our heart.

When that happens, (and it has to me), I have felt really alone and my self esteem takes a dive.

One day I made a decision, that if I never again had another close confidant, I would make myself my own friend.

I started by making a list of everything I liked about myself. (Not vain silly things ) things like kindness, and going out of my way to help someone else. I started to see myself how I wanted to be seen by others. But it was more important for myself to see me that way.

I also decided instead of being the friend, mother, wife and sister that I should be; I decided to play the part of the one I wanted to have in my life. To be the friend that I wanted to have, to be the spouse that I want to have, to be the mother that I want to have in my life.

Play the part of the person you most want to have in your life, and watch more peaceful moments naturally slip in.

All my best wishes,


“Feed My Sheep” But wait, I’m kinda Hungry!

Have you ever had those days where you feel a little empty? Maybe Spiritually or temporally hungry?

It is often at these times of emotional want that we find our “emotional well” tapped the most. Well meaning family or friends need or want something from us, but sometimes I feel I have nothing more to give. I’m tapped out.

Somehow, someway there is a needed window open and I’m able to squeak by with the needs of others. And , afterwards there is such a good feeling! Knowing I did some good in the world no matter how small.

It is in those moments of personal need, when we choose to reach outward, instead of inward, that we really become the most “Christ like.” We get a small taste of being close to the Savior.

When we make a sacrifice, no matter how small, heaven and angels around us are aware. No good deed goes UNNOTICED!

If you are emotionally tapped, hang in there!! All good things are ahead for you!!



Yep, I’m enough!

Have you ever woken up, and started to feel like you are not enough? Well, if you have you are definitely not alone. Our society can be brutal and harsh. The level of personal, professional, and social competition is savage!

I have already come to terms with knowing that I am a work in progress. Knowing this small fact has helped me cope with all that society has thrown at me.

I have decided that first, to be my personal best, it is best not to compete with others in unhealthy ways. I must first compete with myself, ever striving to overcome my personal weaknesses. Doing this is not that easy to master, and I work on this everyday.

Second, I have chosen personal mentors in my life. First is my Savior Jesus Christ, and others have been those who have succeeded in spite of personal affliction. Too many to mention.

My husband Ron, is one who I greatly admire. He is one who pushes through no matter what; and, he has given all six of my beautiful children a work ethic that I have not mastered yet. I’m still a work in progress!

But it is in my desire to be better and greater than I am today, that pushes me forward.

If you are feeling down or that you are not enough, pause and know that you are not alone in this and that if you are proactive in your desires you will see success eventually.

Have a wonder day from the inside out!


How to have a sunny day no matter what!!

I have spent the majority of my life pulling myself in and out of sadness and depression. By the way, might I be the first to say “Thank You!” for modern medicine!

But this past year, I have thankfully stumbled across a trick that has helped me tremendously! It’s my brain!!! Who knew that small thing in my head, that I had taken for granted for 50 years is coming to my rescue like a knight and shining armor!

After a a abnormally hard day one evening, I made the conscious decision to “tell myself ” that tomorrow I was going to have a great day.

I wake up at least a hundred times in the night, and each time I woke up, I told myself that same thing. I didn’t know what the following day would bring but I decided to tell myself that anyway.

When the alarm clock went off, I did feel differently! My day was the same, but my mind changed to see things in a more positive light. When something went wrong, or someone was rude, I reminded myself to keep all things in perspective.

Our beautiful, God given minds are so powerful that from that point on, I was going to use mine to better myself and always strive to say one kind and loving word to someone else.

I hope each of you have a wonderfully happy and sunny day made from the inside out!