Oh Hello!

All my life I’ve been attracted to all things pretty, or things that make me feel pretty.

As a young girl, it was clothes, make up, and anything that attracted my sense of Beauty or what I thought was beautiful.

As I’ve grown up, had kids, and now grandchildren, I have come to know or most importantly come to feel, that all things “Pretty” is more of a feeling than something that I can physically hold on to.

Here’s the zinger! Pretty and beautiful is a state of mind, much like being “popular.”

What is pretty or beautiful to me, could be vastly different of what that means to you.

What is beautiful to you?

Here is a small list of what truly beautiful things are to me:

  1. The moment when I get a FaceTime call from my kids, and I hear a sweet little voice on the other end saying “Hi Gigi!”
  2. A mid day phone call from my husband Ron, just to tell me “have I told you today how beautiful you are?” Yes, my heart melts!
  3. Waking up in the morning to the kitchen perfectly clean.
  4. When Spring arrives and I hear the birds tweet for the first time.
  5. Having my family home (all of us) and we are all getting along

My list continues, but until then Stay Happy!


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everythinghappy.blog is about finding the happiness that you have always wanted to have starting from the inside out!

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