How to have a sunny day no matter what!!

I have spent the majority of my life pulling myself in and out of sadness and depression. By the way, might I be the first to say “Thank You!” for modern medicine!

But this past year, I have thankfully stumbled across a trick that has helped me tremendously! It’s my brain!!! Who knew that small thing in my head, that I had taken for granted for 50 years is coming to my rescue like a knight and shining armor!

After a a abnormally hard day one evening, I made the conscious decision to “tell myself ” that tomorrow I was going to have a great day.

I wake up at least a hundred times in the night, and each time I woke up, I told myself that same thing. I didn’t know what the following day would bring but I decided to tell myself that anyway.

When the alarm clock went off, I did feel differently! My day was the same, but my mind changed to see things in a more positive light. When something went wrong, or someone was rude, I reminded myself to keep all things in perspective.

Our beautiful, God given minds are so powerful that from that point on, I was going to use mine to better myself and always strive to say one kind and loving word to someone else.

I hope each of you have a wonderfully happy and sunny day made from the inside out!



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margmgraham is about finding the happiness that you have always wanted to have starting from the inside out!

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