“Feed My Sheep” But wait, I’m kinda Hungry!

Have you ever had those days where you feel a little empty? Maybe Spiritually or temporally hungry?

It is often at these times of emotional want that we find our “emotional well” tapped the most. Well meaning family or friends need or want something from us, but sometimes I feel I have nothing more to give. I’m tapped out.

Somehow, someway there is a needed window open and I’m able to squeak by with the needs of others. And , afterwards there is such a good feeling! Knowing I did some good in the world no matter how small.

It is in those moments of personal need, when we choose to reach outward, instead of inward, that we really become the most “Christ like.” We get a small taste of being close to the Savior.

When we make a sacrifice, no matter how small, heaven and angels around us are aware. No good deed goes UNNOTICED!

If you are emotionally tapped, hang in there!! All good things are ahead for you!!



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