How to be a good friend…especially to yourself

There is one thing in life that I know for sure; and that is, I don’t want to go through it alone!

If you are blessed with the happiness of a bestie, you are so very lucky! Life is made so much more sweeter when you can share your life’s experiences with another.

Unfortunately, some of us have had a falling out with the ones we hold dear to our heart.

When that happens, (and it has to me), I have felt really alone and my self esteem takes a dive.

One day I made a decision, that if I never again had another close confidant, I would make myself my own friend.

I started by making a list of everything I liked about myself. (Not vain silly things ) things like kindness, and going out of my way to help someone else. I started to see myself how I wanted to be seen by others. But it was more important for myself to see me that way.

I also decided instead of being the friend, mother, wife and sister that I should be; I decided to play the part of the one I wanted to have in my life. To be the friend that I wanted to have, to be the spouse that I want to have, to be the mother that I want to have in my life.

Play the part of the person you most want to have in your life, and watch more peaceful moments naturally slip in.

All my best wishes,


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margmgraham is about finding the happiness that you have always wanted to have starting from the inside out!

3 thoughts on “How to be a good friend…especially to yourself”

  1. I love this! What a great way to look at things! I love that our focus should be on being the friend, mom, spouse,etc… that we want to have! So much more productive than to focus on our weaknesses!! Love you Marg💜


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