Wisdom vs. Knowledge

I love this quote by Mother Teresa. It tells me if I have nothing more than a kind word or a smile, it is still something.

In a world where society can be as brutal as the jungle, we can still find some inner peace.

I believe there is a great chasm between wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is of the utmost importance in functionality of society. But I think we need to add a bit more wisdom to our recipe of life.

I want the wisdom to be able to calmly walk away from an argument; to be loved and respected is far better than being right, or proving someone wrong.

I want the wisdom to love and respect myself, even when critics want to tear you down.

We all have had those moments! I came away one time from dealing with elementary school bullies by deciding that I really liked myself! I liked where I wanted to go in life.

I am definitely not perfect, but I am happy, I am happy because I chose to be and work on it daily!

Always remember we are all a work in progress!❤️



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everythinghappy.blog is about finding the happiness that you have always wanted to have starting from the inside out!

2 thoughts on “Wisdom vs. Knowledge”

  1. I love that we CHOOSE to be happy. There is a lot in the business of life that can stress us out and rob us of being happy. Thank you for the reminder to CHOOSE to be happy… no matter what!💜💜


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