What is your “End Game?”

I watched “End Game” with some family the other day. I came away feeling much different than I had expected.

Movies help us escape the hardships of life, and entertain us all from time to time.

As I was watching this movie, I thought it was interesting that only other than Thor, Captain America was the only other one considered “worthy to weld the almighty hammer.”

As I watched, I was thinking about all the other super heroes and their personalities. I was struck by why Captain America was the favorite.

I think I finally got it! Captain A. demonstrates humility, he is wholesome, he is not full of himself. Do you find it interesting that the most beloved hero is wholesome, and humble?

I think the world craves more goodness, more humility, more good deeds done for the sake of helping a stranger.

So here is my question to myself, and others; what are you doing in your life to embrace your inner superhero?

I want to suggest a few things along our pathway of life.

1. Be more humble; it’s okay to let another person get the last word, or even be the star of the show.

2. Being able to walk away from rude people, actually shows you have a quiet dignity. Arguing to be right never ends well for anyone. It is much better to be loved❤️

3. Be invested in the well being of strangers and other people.

4. Always be thankful for your blessings!

Have a wonderful day!


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